...Technical Writing

Online technical writing services are of robust need as it not only reaches the users but also raises the chances of the client’s search engine optimization (SEO). Sofient provide online technical writing services from India that makes our clients proficient to administer, modify, publish web site content easily, effortlessly, and instantly.

We have developed various business and technical training contents, which is perceptive, user friendly, and easy to use. We provide secure, reliable, consistent and robust software code with best of strategies and solutions to keep customer’s technical knowledge optimized. We use customer-focused language for our online technical writing services, with details on labels and categories through appropriate flash and graphics usage. Our manual writing and development service staff are specialized in their area. They develop modules that employ learners with apparent, lucid, interactive content, pragmatic simulations, and informative laboratory exercises.

We have quiet an experience in managing technical writing services for news, press release, events, promotions, client listing, or project portfolio. We are technical, fast, and committed to our customers. Our technical writing services cover two very important areas: User Manual and Courseware Development Manual.

User Manual

User manual is a way through, of helping consumers to use products, applications, or system resourcefully.

Development of user manuals, help to vend products as it adds more meaning to the product usage and maintenance services. User manual designing services from Sofientdeals in both –detailed user manual designing and development or a quick reference guide.  Our manual designing team works keeping in view the end users. Being a long player in the field of user manual designing from India, Sofient considers user manuals should be lucid, concept centered, in-depth presentation, and enjoyable to read. The shorter the sentences used in user manual, with simple language, pictures, images and graphics, the better the consumer comprehends the content.

Before starting to develop user manual, our user manual developers comprehend the targeted audience, their technical knowledge base, and how the manual will be used. All these information’s concerning user manual designing is of immense significance.
We use the latest and most applicable tools and technology, a few to mention: MSWord, CorelDraw, Adobe Frame Maker, QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, Macromedia Dream weaver etc.

Courseware Development

Sofient ensure to provide tailor-made courseware according to instructors need. Our courseware helps instructors to run technically advanced classes. It stimulates the growth of a student by providing him materials in a simple and precise style. Sofient comprehensive courseware manuals are meticulously designed and vigilantly developed by our courseware manual developers. Our courseware manuals are developed with a touch of creativity and animation to make learning more interactive and user friendly.

The courseware manuals developed by us are all-inclusive and entail least additional support.

Some salient features of our courseware manuals are :

  • Modular in organization, that allows browsing from one lesson to another easily.
  • Provides sound teaching and understanding with advanced level content.
  • Can be used by individuals for self-study or as class teaching materials.
  • Contains both informational material and practical exercises.
  • Has the best blend of animation, modeling, material, light and content.
  • Our courseware are meticulously designed and vigilantly developed, with a touch of creativity and animation to make learning more interactive and user friendly.
  • It stimulates the growth of an average student by providing him materials in a simple and precise style.

We persistently work for betterment and advancement to keep pace with the ever-evolving developments. Our Help Desk provides non-stop help to those who want to connect through e-mail or by telephony.

We have developed courseware for various offshore clients (we wrote on video shoot a complete documentation. We have work on content as: Internet as business, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Fundamentals of Computer, Computer Based Tutorial, Book keeping and Financial Services, Basics of Computing, and Internet Tutorials.