...Production Monitoring System - SWA (Sofient Works Appliance)

The Sofient Works Appliance (SWA) is a turn-key solution connecting real-time factory information with enterprise manufacturing operations. The SWA provides real-time information and interactivity to factory floor operators and serves as the front-end to the critical, operator-centric functionality of the Sofient software. The SWA monitors production process on real time basis. It is flexible enough to be customized to any kind of manufacturing like continuous packing line, Job-shop, Batching etc. The SWA monitors and provides report on OEE / Production / Downtime in the form of Grid / PI / BAR charts from data captured on Real time Basis.

Why Sofient Work Appliance???

SWA is a Virtual Shop Floor Supervisor, present everywhere all the time, Captures ALL Events “At the Time of Happening” , “From the Place of Happening” .

Real Time Message Display on Shop Floor Scrolls Current Status on Efficiency and Production to keep People Informed, Involved and Motivated. SWA Provides Analysis on Efficiency (OEE), Downtimes, Production, Speed Rate, Machine Log, Provides real time machine / production status, Works without manual data entry , Provides authentic reports on oee / production / downtime / rejection.


  • Machine Utilization
  • Operator Effectiveness
  • Shift Performance
  • Downtimes
  • Production Data


  • OEE


  • Most Frequent
  • Most Productive & Reliable

How All this Helps

  • Brings Out Issues Affecting Productivity
  • Enhances Decision Accuracy and Speed
  • Identifies Production / Engineering Areas Requiring Improvement
  • Provides Current Equipment / Production Status on PC locally or at a remote location (Optional)
  • Link with existing ERP averts manual production data Entry
  • An Essential Basic TPM Tool for Down Time Analysis
  • Analytics provide Reports on Production / Down Time / Efficiency by Equipment / Shift / Operator / Product etc.


  • SWA is a Virtual Shop-floor Supervisor.
  • Provides Information on all events while you were away.
  • Helps Factory Manager take Key Decisions
  • A Vital Tool for Implementation of TPM Program at plant / Enterprise Level
  • Provides Reports on OEE / Productivity / Down Time for Plant Equipment
  • Generates Reports with Real Time Shop Floor Data
  • Historical Data can not be Maneuvered ensuring Authenticity
  • Helps Identify Production / Engineering areas requiring Improvement
  • No need to maintain any Production Records for Analysis Purpose
  • Possible to Link with existing ERP System
  • Motivates Machine Operators with On-line display of OEE on shop floor
  • Provides Current Production / Equipment Status
  • Advance Preparation for Product Change over

Salient Features

  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Captures Data in Real Time
  • Provides Customized Reports
  • Helps identify most effective combination of Man, Machine and Product
  • Reliable Information
  • No Manual Data Entry
  • Generates Data Base for one Year which is expandable
  • Monitors Efficiency as per laid down norms
  • Graphical Visuals assist diagnosis
  • Eliminates need for Manual Data Analysis
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Automatic Prompt Generation on Occurrence of any Down Time
  • Auto E-mail Generation
  • Customized to meet your exact requirement

What constitutes “Sofient Work Appliance System” ?

  • The System Comprises of
      • HMI
      • Central Controller
      • Sensors for machine feedback
      • Sofient Work Appliance Software
  • Data is captured by Field Hardware connected to Central Controller
  • Central Controller is connected to Main Workstation with Sofient Work Appliance Software
  • System Captures Data from individual Machines on real time basis

How does System Work?

  • Operator Inputs on Touch Screen Panel
      • Operator Code (beginning of Shift)
      • Product Code (once)
      • Batch No. (as and when required)
      • Down Time (when Equipment is non-productiv
  • Production Data is captured by Sensors and sent to Central Controller
  • On-Line Display unit installed on Shop floor displays Real Time OEE as well as Actual Production Vs. Target or any other desired information.

Basic Reports Description  

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

OEE = Availability X Performance Rate X Quality Rate

This report generates OEE for given Dates for any Shift and Line


  • Equipment / Shift / Operator / Product wise Production Report
  • Target Vs Actual
  • Singular / Multiple Date Reports
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Report
  • Generates Histogram on Target Vs. Actual


  • Provides Overview of Downtime on a Work Cell for selected Duration
  • Pie-chart on Downtimes
  • Histogram on Production Vs Downtime
  • Helps in Down Time Analysis
  • Line Status Report provides overview of Productive Time on a machine
  • Provides MTBF / MTTR

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