...Multimedia Solutions

Technology advancement has assured the use of multimedia software by masses. Multimedia presentation services have acquired the vital area in giving instructional trainings, corporate and product presentations, and educational training. Multimedia is the need for the companies, who aspire to communicate their business effectively.

Success of any multimedia software development depends on how productively it is developed. The choice of content, page layouts with the ease in navigation play a major role in development of adept multimedia software. Sofient, engaged in multimedia development from India offers full range of multimedia presentation services that are custom made as per the requirements of our clients.

We are a professional company that offers innovative, high quality multimedia presentations with leveled mixture of simplicity and style. In multimedia, the enormous scope of combining text and visuals together with pictures, graphics, still images, videos, flowcharts and other media is wondrous. Our team of graphic designers, flash developers, animators, and programming experts applies systematic approach and creates creative multimedia presentations, aligned to client’s strategies.

Sofient deals in areas of CBT / WBT development, 2D / 3D animations, Catalogue Design, Product presentation, and Corporate presentation. We keep our resources abreast with the latest and most modern development, to deliver robust products. Sofient also provides expert advice to clients who want to keep themselves skillful in the technically fast progressing field of multimedia.