...SOFIENT ERP : Export
  • All export documentation pre shipment, post shipment etc. including Commercial invoice with packing list, insurance list, insurance and inspection information, shipment advice and shipment details
  • Information about export agents - insurance agent, inspection agent, marketing agent, line agent, custom house agent and trade control agent
  • Excise bond details
  • Preparation of LC specifying cost types (FOB, C&F, CEI)

Export Reports:

  • Form AR4
  • Performa invoice
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Intimation for inspection
  • Intimation for insurance
  • Shipment details and advice
  • Certificate of origin
  • Letter to bank


  • Handles pre-sales & sales activities of your organization
  • Automation of sales force system
  • Complete stock to dock tracking of sales order processing cycle
  • Allows variety of order types to suit varied needs of customers
  • Easy Stock Transfer between warehouses for multi-location companies
  • Variance reports
  • Order Tracking through status and transaction reports
  • MIS for analyzing sales trends to project and forecast sales
  • Complete export documentation for export oriented companies
Enables top view - consolidation of sales data