...E - Catalog Development

Sofient provides a total solution for catalogue designing services from India with the implementation of latest equipments and software’s. We provide catalogue designing services for corporate identity as well as individual web catalogue design services.

Through our consistent and reliable services we have succeeded in creating a niche for our self in catalogue designing services India. With our offices in UK, USA, Canada, and India our catalogue designing services have been extended to clients across the world.

A stimulating professional environment, harboring a diverse group of talented and experienced individuals working together as a team, with state-of-art-facilities are the basic ingredients for providing correct and timely solutions. All these are basic strength of Sofient. Professionals at Sofient work together to build a creative and workable environment, providing a broad range of catalogue designing services available to our clients, at any time necessary.

While creating a catalogue designing service we lay emphasis on the “why's” and “what's” the purpose of the catalogue. These queries respond the very vital stuff-- of type of product exposure, whether direct marketing, business reply or any other motive. We have quite an experience in handling catalogue designing for brochures, flyers, corporate profiles, leaflets, folders, and instructional manuals. Our catalogue designs can be directly put in web sites as web catalogue, thus saving time and energy both. We are a firm believer of complete customer satisfaction.