...Automation Solutions for the process industry
SOFIENT provides complete automation solutions for the process industry. The whole sphere of automation and information technology from the field right up to the company management level is covered by extensive process know-how in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages sectors.

Most of our automation projects are realised on the basis of the standard modules of the Sofient Works Appliance (SWA).

The range of services includes:
  • compilation of user requirements and system specifications
  • conception, engineering, delivery and commissioning of
    --> hardware for control technology, including networks
    --> engineering of process control systems with an emphasis of recipe-controlled batch processes
    --> production data acquisition and management
    --> MES functions for order management, batch and product tracking, management reporting
  • horizontal integration of all process layers and vertical integration of all system levels right up to connection of ERP systems
  • qualification of process control technology for plants with obligatory validation
We offer the complete range of services for all project phases right up to the 24-hour hotline after commencement of production.

GMP-compliant project management guarantees effective and efficient cooperation with our customers. Depending on their requirements and the type of project (new plant, extension etc.) the peculiarity of the individual project phases varies, but the whole process remains the same

Your industry has unique challenges. Our focus on automation means we are distinctly qualified to provide solutions to address those challenges.

When you work with us, you engage a team of experts who have streamlined processes in a vast range of industries around the world. From the plant floor to top management, we have improved processes throughout every stage of the manufacturing cycle. And we can do the same for you.

How? Through industry solutions that help you meet the critical need of integrating your factory from beginning to end, bridging islands of automation and carrying information throughout your plant — information that is essential to making better decisions and ultimately, increasing your profitability.

Extend Your Performance Gains

Industry knowledge and experience means we can provide you with the right solution at the right time. You can extend your performance gains across your business with Integrated Architecture, the only integrated control and information platform that runs discrete, motion, drives, process and safety control, assuring the different automation technologies work together.